Rachel (teddybear115) wrote in saint_bernards,


Hi! I am new and i love st. bernards and desperately want one, unfortunately i wont be able to get one for another year (i will be out of college).

I was wondering, however, if you lovely people knew any good st. bernard breeders (id love a pure bred) in the CT area. and depending on where...NJ and NY might also work.

also, do any of you know how much a (approximately of course) male st bernard might cost? i have two bassets so i know vet bills and food will get up there so i am aware of those costs..i just dont know how much i need to save for the actual dog. each of my bassets cost 600, i think, and they were purebred.

ive always preferred male dogs for some reason, girls are cute...i just always bonded more with the males. but then again in real life i am closer to guys than i am with girls..who knows.

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