to make me better . . . (arc_en_ciel_) wrote in saint_bernards,
to make me better . . .

Our New Saint

We got him from the Saint Bernard Rescue. His name is Mack and he's 18 months.
It just got tooo lonely in this house. And Ruby needed a friend.

I hope they get along soon. The only problem he really has is that he gets protective of his food and/or bones.
What can we do to help this and prevent a fight with the two dogs? Because Ruby doesn't understand.

Rascal let her get away with murder lol.
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He's so cute! He looks like my Saint.


Lenny is protective of food and bones as well, especially since he doesn't live with another dog anymore. When he did we fed them in different places. Lenny had his own corner and the other dog had her own corner. For bones it was kind of a lost cause. We tried to get really big ones for Lenny and small ones for the other dog, but they would just steal each other's bones.

Good luck!