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saint_bernards's Journal

Saint Bernards and their humans who love them
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This community is dedicated to the love of the dog breed: Saint Bernard.


* We, as a community, DO NOT support the destruction of any certain types of breed of dog or any other animal. If you make any comments/remarks/posts about the destruction of any type of breed of dog, your username and IP address will be banned from joining and commenting on this journal with no hesitation. In other words we do not support squareheads_no in any way so do not ask.

* If you decide you do want to join your membership will be screened by a mod for precautionary reasons.

* Posting pictures or stories containg bestiality (dog sex) of ANY KIND are NOT permitted. If this is done your post will be deleted and your username banned from this journal.

* Regular LJ users may join and are welcome to open discussion. Any and all problems with this community or any of it's members should be directed towards the moderators: scumshine & maradeath

* Enjoy yourselves and have a good time!

♥ humans, ♥ saints, akc, animal rights, baby saint bernards, barrels around necks, being fluffy, being lazy, digging in the snow, dog shows, drooling, food!, frolicking in the snow, international kennel clubs, little-girls-with-big-dogs, long haired/short haired, monks, rough coat/smooth coat, saint bernards, saving peoples lives, search and rescue, sledding with the family, snow, st. bernards, switzerland, the swiss alps, whiskey & brandy kegs